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JLT is the largest and most established energy insurance broker in the region. Our success lies in our Client First approach and proficiency in creating bespoke solutions for our clients.

We take pride in our ability to assess the impact of industry changes and create or adapt insurance and risk management solutions that correspond to the specific business requirements of our clients. We are recognised as one of the leading global energy insurance brokers as we place more energy business with key international (re)insurers than any other broker.

Our strength lies in our combined global specialist and local service teams with reinsurance and retail resources who are able to provide solutions to protect the assets and investments of our clients throughout Asia. In addition, our strong global reputation in producing quality results in the energy sector has increased our credibility and negotiation power.


Our team handles the risk management and insurance procurement activities for many of the world’s most prestigious energy clients. The Energy team in Asia has three main areas of focus:



1. Risk Assessment and Strategy Development

We create an integrated risk and insurance strategy framework to support our clients' future growth and development.

2. Programme Design and Global Placement 

We have an innovative and creative approach to designing products for our clients which aligns with our global marketing approach. We also provide competitive and comprehensive solutions to our clients that produce cost-effective results.

3. Service Levels 

Our high client retention rate demonstrates our strong commitment to continuously deliver efficient, timely and exceptional high-quality service that is expected by our clients.

4. Claims Settlement 

At the core of our service lies our proactive approach to the negotiation, handling and settlement of claims. Our embedded claims team ensures that our clients receive accurate and timely settlements of all their claims. The claims team in Singapore is also supported by JLT Energy Claims team in London who are extremely experienced in dealing with complex claims across the Energy spectrum.

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Richard Burridge
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