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Credit Political Risks

JLT manages USD 80 billion of insurance capacity globally and we are extremely successful in claims settlement on our clients' behalf.

JLT Credit, Political & Security Risks (CPS) is a leader in credit and political risk insurances and the first broker to establish a specialist broking firm in Asia in 1996. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with insurers in this sector. In Asia, we now have a team of dedicated CPS specialists located across the region; namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India and Japan.

JLT CPS arranges insurance contracts that indemnify losses arising from political risks, non-payment/non-performance risks, political violence risks and special security risks, which include kidnap and ransom, and contingency risks. The insurance contracts we arrange relate to a wide variety of transactions and exposures – a consequence of our diverse client base. We have clients from various sectors including agribusiness, oil and gas, industrial and engineering, hospitality, mining, power, water, transport, telecommunication, finance and banking, and the public sector.


Our insurance solutions cover the following areas:

  • Structured Credit Insurance for non-payment and/or non-performance risks
  • Political Risk Insurance for overseas investments, assets and contracts 
  • Political Violence Insurance (including Terrorism, War or Civil War, Riots, Property Damage and Business Interruption) 
  • Special Risks Insurance (including Kidnap and Ransom, Extortion, Hijack, Illegal Detention, Hostage Crisis, Disappearance Investigation and Piracy)
  • Crisis Management and Consultancy

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