Early warning signs of poor mental health

15 October 2018

The statistics for mental health issues globally and in Asia have been increasing. Natural disasters, loss of lives, starting or ending a new job, leaving home… they can be sources of stress and apprehension for many of us. In a survey conducted by Mental Health America, results show that “workplace stress contributes to increased mental and physical impairments. 80% of employee respondents stated that workplace stress affected their personal relationships and 35% “Always” miss 3-5 days a month at work.” Many are also reluctant to avail of mental health services because of the “stigma” and are embarrassed to seek help.  Having a positive mental health will allow people to realize their full potential, cope with life’s stresses, increase work productivity and help employees make meaningful contributions to the company and their communities.

Mental Health


For further information on this topic or other wellness requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to Marie Yvette Soriano-Jaramillo, MD, FPCOM, Regional Health and Wellness Director at Yvette_jaramillo@jltasia.com


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